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Presenting Our Group Project

A video plan for a live performance piece that aims to provoke a discussion about the effects of social media addiction on young adults.

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A Challenging Project

Tackling this project required breaking it into several phases. The most important stage was outlining our goals and defining the research questions. Once these were in place, we spent hours working, researching online resources and carrying out an online survey. We then put all of our research into making our video, and the outcome is here for you to judge. Would love to hear your thoughts and comments - you can contact us by email below.

Aims, Objectives and Outcomes of the Project

An In Depth Explanation

The aim of this project was to create awareness and provoke a discussion, to educate teenagers, and upwards, on the problematic use of social media and how it can impact the user. This was done through a video plan for a performance art piece, which would incorporate actors and the projection of graphics and video. This was carried out by implementing all the research gathered into the interactive performance piece.


The objective was for the viewers to interact and engage with the content, to help create awareness using people’s opinions and experiences and incorporating it into the performance. 


The problematic use of social media can be an issue, so we wanted to highlight the negative impacts it has on users. Taking this approach, the desired result is to create a discussion and awareness on the topic. 

“Limiting time on social media can actually help you to improve and appreciate relationships that are real and true.”

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